Looking to jump into some FUN adventures? Well sit back and get ready to experience a new Sci fi webcomic series! Get ready to experience: Blast off: Into the unknown! Ask Me Anything regarding this webcomic project of mine!

Denis Belair
Nov 13, 2017


Created by Denis Belair and Luc Sanschagrin, Blast off: Into the Unknown is a Sci-Fi comic series.

Set lightyears away, in an uncharted galaxy, exists life much like the one we know. Seemingly separate, though fatefully intertwined.

You can read for FREE all of the Blast Off comics right here: www.blastoffintotheunknown.com

(Also don't forget to spread the word and tell all your friends! - we're working hard on building up a fan base) 

Once you've taken a look at what our series has to offer, I welcome you to ask me anything regarding this project me and my team have been working hard on for the past year! #AMA #blastoffintotheunknown 

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