I'm Niall Presnall, and the second issue of my comic, THE SPACE HEISTS OF VYVY AND QWERTY, is currently LIVE on KICKSTARTER! Ask Me Anything

@NiallPresnall (Gold)
Nov 11, 2017

The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty is a sci-fi buddy comedy comic about two best friends roaming the universe as thieves for hire until they find the one thing they can't steal: a purpose. 

Issue one was successfully Kickstarted in June of 2016 and now we're back to crowdfund issue two! 

With artist, Carlos Trigo, colorist, Osmarco Valladão, and letterer, Renee Arabia, we have a beautiful, energetic and fun adventure comic that needs your support!

Feel free to ask me anything, but don't forget to check out our Kickstarter and this preview of issue two!

You can follow me on twitter @NiallPresnall and follow @VyvyAndQwerty for updates and art!

Thanks for the questions!

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