I'm Daniele Rudoni and I'm a comic artist. I've switched from coloring Marvel's top notch projects to drawing my indie comic RPR. AMA about weird career choices!!

Daniele Rudoni
Dec 4, 2017

Hi there! I'm Daniele Rudoni and I'm a professional comic artist and colorist.

I've started my career coloring G.I.Joe comics, then I worked for Marvel, DC, Penguin Books and Image Comics. Here's my portfolio, if you want to see some of my work, both on color and drawing.

I've always lived in Italy (except for a two months period in China!!) and I've worked for several publishing companies here, too.

Lately I developed a real love for indie comics and started a new self published manga: it's called RPR - Rock'n'Punch Riders and it' a shounen manga. It's the story of Victoria and Ethen, warriors on wheels fighting in a world without any oil left. You can read it online on the official website

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Do you prefer anime instead of Marvel?

Dec 8, 8:46PM EST0

How how many hours per week do you devote to creating RPR and how much to other projects, marketing/conventions, and generally dealing with life issues?

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Dec 8, 10:48AM EST0

What would be, in your opinion, the main difference between manga and anima genres? 

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Dec 6, 12:15PM EST0

other than the fact that anime are animated, while mangas are the japanese way of doing comics (so still figures), I think the main difference is that on mangas you can see different styles of drawing, while anime are always a bit similar to each other, when it comes to the drawing style.

that's because when they have to animate a character they have to make it simple, otherwise it would be an hussle!

mangaka don't have that problem, they can add details and use different tools to ink their comics and to give them a unique look!

Dec 7, 4:26AM EST0

What was your first original character?

Dec 2, 11:47PM EST0

this one! The very first model sheet of a character of RPR.

It was my first attempt to drawing manga in a personal style and I still love it! Especially the fox jacket!

Dec 5, 2:28AM EST0

What makes one move from talent based career to something else?

Dec 1, 11:02AM EST0

that's a though one.

I think it's unsatisfaction. I was uneasy doing things for other companies. Honestly, I don't have any problem working for hire when it comes to colors. That's the reason why my career is based on colors, I think.

But when it comes to drawing, I just don't take any pleasure in drawing characters that I don't care about. I don't care about spiderman, unfortunately, nor superman. I care about wonder woman, but just lately and because of Gal Gadot, so that doesn't count, hahaha!

I always preferred to do my own projects also because publishers have characters, rules and things you are simply not allowed to do, and I basically wanted to be free to express myself.

One or two examples:In one page, they made me do the blood brown instead of red. In another one, they made me cover the breast of a female character, even if you couldn't see anything and was completely SFW.In another project they forced me to always color the shirt of a character of a bright red, even if it was night and it's impossible for a shirt to be red if not lighted properly. Or the grass always green!But I don't really care, when it comes to color.

I'm afraid it is different when I do the art. 

Dec 5, 2:25AM EST0

What is next stage for the project once crowdfunding is completed?

Dec 1, 8:46AM EST0

well, I'm not really crowdfunding it! not yet al least! ;)

but I'm planning to do so for the english version. right now I only have the italian version, but since I've been on Inkblazers and then on Tapas, before relying on my own website, I have international readers that keep on asking me for an english version.

I want to give then RPR too, maybe in a deluxe version once the first story arc is finished! It shoud happen soon, since I'm doing the third volume right now.

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Dec 5, 2:07AM EST0

Who are your target audience/readers?

Nov 30, 9:22AM EST0

I noticed that my main target is the 12-18 year old boy or girl. male/female: 50/50

I came to this comclusion during comicon. If I see a teen coming to my booth, I can predict that he/she will be interested in the project. And he/she will ask mommy for money to buy my comic! XD

Dec 5, 2:04AM EST0

What is the longest time you had to render in coloring a particular comics?

Nov 28, 5:41AM EST0

The most challenging project I've ever done, as for the number of pages and the time I've been involved with, it's surely the last one I did for the most important italian publisher, Bonelli. Man, that was huge.

The project was called "Martin Mystére, New Color Adventures" and I' ve colored 1.128 pages in 2 years. I've colored all the pages, finishing them one by one, every last of them. It was exhausting but rewarding.

Here you can see some pages, on my portfolio: http://ilpuci.onfabrik.com/portfolio/example-project

I'm posting below some cover, because I colored all the internal pages AND the covers, too! 

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Nov 30, 3:12AM EST0

Where do you get inspiration and making sure that your work is an original concept?

Nov 26, 10:12PM EST0

Well, you can never be absolutely sure that your idea is not already been used in another concept or entertainment project. That's because the entertainment world is so vast that you can barely follow the projects you're interested in!

For example some of RPR followers asked me if I took inspiration from Air Gear, the manga masterpiece by Oh!Great, because it talks about people who fight each other on wheels. But that wasn't really my main inspiration. 

About the art style, my main reference is the outstanding work of Yuuki Yogo, see for yourself if he's not a POWERFUL GENIUS!!

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Nov 27, 1:59PM EST0

Does your China experience have some influence on your coloring techniques?

Nov 26, 7:26PM EST0

Actually, yes!

I went there in 2008 and I was blown away by another culture. I mean it was another planet even! New ways of talking, behaving, eating and conceiving art, of course.

I was doing my first graphic novel back then, called United We Stand. The internal pages were black&white, but I needed a color style for the covers and I didn't know what to do, honestly!

Then I went to this exhibition and I saw some very inspiring pieces of art.  I still have the catalogue of that exhibit! here we go:

Anyway, I found this artist, name is Jin Yongxiang, and I immediately fell in love with his way of coloring and rendering realistic pictures. I tried to follow his art, and realized all the 6 covers of U.W.S. 

Tha was really the right inspiration, that style and those colors were really what I needed!

I'm attaching here a couple of those covers!

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Nov 30, 3:18AM EST0

How long did it take you to finally decide that you are also better working on your own?

Nov 26, 1:22PM EST0

Well, I always had this double "soul"...

I wanted to work for major companies and earn enough money to live with my work (not easy in the comic industry!) but I always felt these creative chains around me, as if I couldn't express myself freely while working with publishers. I couldn't say what I wanted to say!

I didn't like the current industry situation and I wondered what the outcome would have been in ten years.

Heh, I'm still wondering, but back in 2014 I thought that indie comics could very well have been the future of the industry. A smaller future, but more sustainable. I still think it.

Basically RPR is a challenge to the "regular" industry and to myself and I want to carry it on.

It's still early days in the indie market, but right owned projects like "The walking dead" started as independent (and they still are) and they break through and reached the large audience.

So, I still haven't decided if indie comics are my only future, since I still work for major companies to earn a living AND in the meantime working on my own project, but I believe in indie comics with all my heart.

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Nov 30, 4:04AM EST0

What made you decide to venture into your own project?

Nov 26, 7:38AM EST0

I was uneasy.

Yeah, that's right, I wasn't satisfied even though I was working with big companies. Haha, oh man it is true that when you try to do some art you always want something more, creatively speaking!

Basically, the problem with us professional authors (I really don't think myself as an artist, not really) is that we act like spoiled brats! XD

"I want this, I want that, I want more."

I felt empty doing colors, or even drawing something that wasn't mine from the conception to the very end! And believe me, I felt it as a real need, a craving, for more liberty in creation. I just couldn't ignore that.

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Nov 30, 4:14AM EST0

Are you working with a professional for your product marketing?

Nov 26, 5:43AM EST0

Nope, I'm doing all the hard marketing work myself. 

I know, having a professional would speed things up and make the sales way better, the thing is: as it is now, this project is selling just enough to pay my work, but not the work of a marketing professional.

I would need someone who's willing to bet on this project with me, since I don't have any budget except for the printing money and my time to invest in RPR.

Nov 27, 8:47AM EST0

How long did you dedicate to complete this project?

Nov 26, 4:34AM EST0

I started this project back in 2014. I did since then 250 pages, two complete volumes.

I'm planning to print the third volume in March, then do an english print of the three volumes (the first story arc is published in italian only, for now, even if you can read it in eng online) and sell them in Europe and US main comic conventions.

Since I'm doing other gigs while completing this project, the production has slowed down a bit during the years.

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Nov 27, 8:43AM EST0

Who are you working with, from conceptualization to completion?

Nov 26, 12:47AM EST0

This is my own project, so I work alone on this one! :)

I do the storyline for every chapter, then draw the pages, ink them and digitally apply the screentones. I finally letter the page and do the SFX, and export the files to send to the print. 

Nov 27, 8:39AM EST0

What is the most difficult part of the project and how did you overcome it?

Nov 25, 5:30PM EST0

The most difficult part has been (and still is!) the fact that with RPR is a manga.

I wanted to do a comic in manga style, using their techniques and their way of telling stories. In fact, you read RPR as a "real" manga, so japanese style, from right to left! 

Learning a style, a storytelling pace, a grid I wasn't an expert of it's been the real tecnical challenge, here.

Even the production time has been the japanese one: I did the first chapter (50 pages) in a month, from sketch to final!

Nov 27, 8:36AM EST0

Where did you get the idea to create RPR - Rock'n'Punch Riders?

Nov 25, 5:28PM EST0

The idea occurred to me reading a news on some blog, showing the concept of peak oil.

Basically, the peak oil is defined as having extracted half of the recoverable, conventional oil reserves. After that, oil production declines and cannot keep up with growing demand as the population continues to rise.

Well, it seems that the peak oil is far gone by now, so we are slowly (but not really slowly) ending our oil reserves.

What would happen to the world if we run out of oil? That was my very starting point!

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Nov 27, 3:24AM EST0

Can you give a summary of the storyline for your comics?

Nov 25, 5:23PM EST0

Sure! Here we go:

In a not so far future, humanity has consumed all the oil on Earth. Ethen is a BMX rider. Victoria is a roller skater. They have to fight and survive in a new world lacking energy and supplies.

Mankind has turned back to the wheel era!

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Nov 27, 2:36AM EST0

I never realized that coloring is a separate task for another person. How long have you been doing this kind of job?

Nov 25, 1:56PM EST0

Oh yes it is! Especially in the US market, they always have different persons doing different parts of the job, like pencils, inks and colors. Usually you can see their names on the front cover of the books. like this:

you have the writers (the first two names), the artist, and the colorist in the end.

I've been a professional colorist since 2005.

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Nov 27, 2:33AM EST0

Are you a skater, yourself?

Nov 25, 9:51AM EST0

Yep, used to be! I still have my board and everything, but I'm not skateboarding anymore. I also go on roller skates sometimes (easier and safer!!) The first hand experience help me so much when I have to show skate tricks in my comic! 

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Nov 27, 2:27AM EST0

You have such an amazing work but how can you convince others about this?

Nov 25, 8:37AM EST0

Well, it's not easy, but I have to do the promotion myself! I'm not backed up by a publisher, so it's up to me to promote my work and RPR in particular. I usually do some marketing work on FB, but that's not really my main channel for promotion. My main channel is comic conventions in italy for the italian version, and other comic platforms in english, such as inkblazers (now closed), tapas, and webtoons.More than convincing others, I have to find the way to show them my work. If it's good, then they will appreciated it and maybe buy it! :)

Nov 27, 2:25AM EST0
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