I am Christine Nishiyama, an illustrator/author making + self-publishing picture books and comics. AMA about drawing, self-publishing, and the creative life!

Nov 14, 2017

Hey ya'll! I’ve been working independently as a freelancer under my studio, Might Could Studios for over 5 years. I’ve worked with over 50 companies, created over 15 courses, and taught over 40,000 students. I’ve grown a one-woman business into a community of makers and creatives that love to draw, make art, and make books.

I have multiple ventures: I just self-published my debut picture book, We Are Fungi, on Amazon and it currently has all 5-star reviews!

I run a group called Might Could Beta Books where I share my entire book making process from start to finish LIVE while I'm making them. I'm currently working on my second book in this group.

I teach courses on drawing and creativity!

And I write and send out free weekly resources for creatives (join here!)

Because I think anyone can and everyone should make a book. It's an extremely rewarding process, and everyone always tells me about their great book idea anyways. So let's stop just talking about it and dreaming about it, and let's all make books! :D

Ask me anything about illustration, writing, self-publishing, book making, and creativity!

Want to learn more? Get the list of all my favorite tools that I can't live without in my career as a full-time artist! All tools are linked so you can check them out for yourself!

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