Hello! My name is Justin Gray, and I'm a graphic novelist, author, and have written hundreds of comic books for some of the biggest publisher's in the world. Issue 2 of my Survival/Horror-Sci-Fi series Standstill is on Kickstarter! Ask Me Anything.

Justin Gray
Nov 10, 2017

STANDSTILL #2 is the Second Chapter of the mature readers Sci-fi Horror Comic Book that follows the survivors of a global pandemic.

As a writer, sometimes horrible little ideas creep into my head. With Standstill, I imagined what would happen if most of the world's population suddenly stopped moving. Trapped in our bodies we would slowly starve. That in itself is horrible, but I wondered what might happen next.

The larger idea that followed was born from the fact that I live sandwiched between a major American prison and a nuclear power plant. The campaign to fund issue #2 is currently live Here on Kickstarter 

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