AMA I'M THE COMIC BOOK CREATOR/WRITER/ARTIST MICHAEL METTLEN- Horror/mature content/graphic dialog. Not being afraid to push the envelope.

Michael Mettlen (Gold)
Oct 10, 2017

KICKSTARTER LINK- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1771228484/michael-mettlens-butch-the-butcher-part-1

FACEBOOK (MICHAEL METTLEN) https://www.facebook.com/myke.metts





I'm Michael Mettlen. I'm the creator, writer and artist behind BUTCH THE BUTCHER (LIVE on Kickstarter now!) I'm a fan of classic horror movies as well as mob movies and obviously comic books. B.T.B. is a HORROR comic unlike any other. And heres why... I gathered inspiration for Butch The Butcher from classic thrasher movies, One for certain is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and for mob films I went with the cult classic The Godfather. Picture a story in 1950's Bronx New York where a ordinary butcher and his pregnant wife take a loan from the mob to try and get a fresh start and open a deli/butcher shop. The mob doesnt collect the debts as fast as they wanted so they shot the pregnant wife of the butcher (butch) and then burned down there shop with her inside. This is what drives a ordinary man off the deep end. Butch becomes deranged and homicidal becoming BUTCH THE BUTCHER. This is a highly detailed and graphic 4 part mini issue horror story. In part 1 alone you see Butch's desend into madness, excessive alcohol abuse, drug abuse, attempted suicide. He snaps and decides to go after the MOB! Starting with The Don's KIDS and his wife! This is only part 1 of a 4 issue story. The detail, the gore. Its like best of both worlds. Classic cars, mobsters in zoot suits, women in polka dot dresses, old school revolvers, machine guns, the clever mobster nicknames that we all love and adore from all our favorite classics and of course the HORROR side tied into it. Its truly UNIQUE. And the KICKSTARTER is for people to pledge and invest to see it come to life in print to read and collect. 


Creator,writer,artist- Michael Mettlen

Letters- Mike Montalvo

Colors- Federico Sioc Jr.

Cover art- Bryan SilverBax

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