AMA- I am Jason Lenox, Independent Comic Book Artist, and creator of "Lords of the Cosmos" a science fiction fantasy comic which will be on Kickstarter in early 2018!

Dec 5, 2017

Hello, I am getting ready to launch the kickstarter for the second issue of my comic book, Lords of the Cosmos in late January 2018!

You can check my body of work at www.jasonlenox.com

and scope out the preview of my kickstarter at...


I love to talk about my projects, as well as any tangent related to comic books, movies or great books!

@lenoxartist  on twitter

jasonlenoxillustrator on facebook

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Do you have plans of turning your creations into movies?

Dec 8, 8:20PM EST0

That would be awesome if that happened, so I would be open to it!

Dec 8, 9:53PM EST0

What is the most interesting, in your opinion about this genre? Would you recommend it to everyone? 

Dec 6, 11:47AM EST0

The out of this world characters and storyline.  Yes, I would ask everyone to check it out.

Dec 6, 5:31PM EST0

How did you start your career in this sphere?

Dec 5, 6:55PM EST1

Drawing every spare minute is step one for me!

Dec 5, 9:34PM EST0

What is your dream? Have you already done anything to make it a reality?

Dec 5, 6:05PM EST0

Making comics- working on it daily!!

Dec 5, 6:16PM EST0

What literary genres attract you the most and why?

Dec 5, 6:44AM EST0

Sci Fi and Horror always seem the most interesting to me- they are both a bit outside our reality which appeals to me.

Dec 5, 5:50PM EST0

Who became the prototype of the main character of your comic?

Dec 5, 3:46AM EST0

I dont have an answer to that.

Dec 5, 5:51PM EST0

Are you working on another project? If so - what one?

Dec 5, 3:23AM EST0

Lords of the Cosmos #3.

Dec 5, 5:51PM EST0

Who is your potential reader? Do your comics have any age limits?

Dec 4, 10:52PM EST0

13 and up, they are not for small kids.

Dec 5, 5:51PM EST0

What childhood experience did you have which influence your shift of interest?

Dec 4, 10:12PM EST0

I can't think of anything resembling a "shift of interest", so I am unable to answer that- thank you.

Dec 4, 10:13PM EST0

Does anyone help you in creating your cartoons?

Dec 4, 4:11PM EST0

Yes, I work with two writers and a  host of other creators that chip in as well.  There are quite a few people in total that will have a hand in the new book- you can see their credits at the bottom of the kickstarter preview link.

Dec 4, 8:59PM EST0

I have several ideas for the novel but I do not know where to start. Could you give me some advice?

Dec 4, 2:06PM EST0

Start making a list/notes of elements you enjoy from your favorite stories and go from there.

Dec 4, 9:02PM EST0

Where do you take inspiration for making fantastic comics?

Dec 4, 1:42PM EST0

1930's Flash Gordon comic strips.

Dec 4, 9:02PM EST0

What attracts you to science fiction? Who is your favorite author?

Dec 4, 1:29PM EST0

I enjoy the stories that are just beyond what is happening today with technology and social issues.  Fave author in the Genre, Frank Herbert.

Dec 4, 9:02PM EST0

How do you cope with the stress when communicating with readers who are unhappy with your work?

Dec 4, 1:14PM EST0

No stress, Im just happy people are reading at all.

Dec 4, 9:01PM EST0

How long did it take you to create your comics?

Dec 4, 5:09AM EST0

This current issue has been under construction for about 18 months so far.

Dec 4, 9:01PM EST0

How do you feel about criticizing your work?

Dec 4, 1:51AM EST0

I'm my own worst critic.

Dec 4, 9:00PM EST0

What income do your comics bring to you? Do you have enough for living?

Dec 4, 12:20AM EST0

I do well enough!  Thanks for checking!

Dec 4, 9:00PM EST0

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have a hobby?

Dec 4, 12:20AM EST0

I have two kids- that is more than enough for a hobby!

Dec 4, 9:00PM EST0

How many hours per day do you devote to your creative process?

Dec 3, 7:01PM EST0

Probably on average 3-5 hours daily.

Dec 4, 8:59PM EST0

What age range are you aiming for?

Dec 3, 12:09AM EST0

For this comic I would say young teen to infinity.  It's not a book for small kids, and I know I have two of those, and they would have no interest in this book!  Cheers!

Dec 3, 8:03AM EST0
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